A player is declared to be offside if he/she is nearer to the opponents' goal than the ball unless:

A. The player is in his/her own half of the field.

B. There are 2 opponents nearer to their own goal than the attacking player. The defending keeper may be one of these players.

C. The ball is received from a throw-in, corner kick, goal kick, or from a drop ball by the referee.

IMPORTANT!!  Offside should not be called just because a player might be standing in an offside position!  The offside player must be, in the opinion of the referee, involved in active play by:

a. interfering with play
b. interfering with an opponent
c. gaining an advantage by being in that position

 at the moment the ball touches or is played by a member of his team.

*Note: Offside will not be called on the small field*


Fouls and Misconduct

The following offenses will result in a Direct Free Kick being awarded to the opposing team:

a. deliberate kicking or attempt to kick an opponent

b. deliberate tripping of an opponent

c. jumping at an opponent

d. charging an opponent in a dangerous manner or from behind

e. striking or attempting to strike an opponent

f. holding an opponent

g. pushing an opponent

h. intentional handball

i. slide tackling from behind

j. slide tackling without making contact with the ball

k. spitting at an opponent

*Note: There is to be no slide tackling on the small or middle fields. Doing so on the middle field will result in the direct free kick.*

* There will be no direct free kicks or penalty kicks taken on the small field, regardless of the foul committed.  All free kicks on the small field will be indirect.*

A goal may be scored from a direct kick by the player taking the kick.  Opposing players may make a wall between the kicker and the goal, provided they are at least 10 yards away from the kicker.

Any of the offenses above, when committed by a player in his penalty area, will result in a penalty kick being awarded to the opposing team. See "penalty kicks" for more information.

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