A referee will be appointed to officiate at each game. Usually it will be a coach or coaches from a previous game. If no other referee is available, the coach of each team should each referee one half of the game. While one referee is usually adequate for the small and middle size fields, it is often easier to have 2 refs on the large field. Referee's decisions are to be considered final.


It is recommended, though not required, that 2 linesmen (one for each sideline) be appointed to assist the referee(s) in determining when a ball is out of bounds and assigning goal kicks, corner kicks, and throw-ins. They also assist the referee(s) in keeping spectators, coaches, and reserve players at least 3 feet back from the sidelines. The main field referee has the final decision on all calls.

*Note: More information for referees can be found on the Referee page.*

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