Player Equipment


All players will be issued a colored, team t-shirt that they must wear during games. Each team will have a specific color. The goalkeepers of each team will wear a different color shirt from his/her teammates, the referee, and opponents.   Shirts must be tucked into pants/shorts.  During cold weather, turtlenecks or sweatshirts may be worn under the team shirt, but the team shirt must still be tucked in.


All players are required to wear shinguards. This is for their own safety and they will not be permitted to play without them.


While soccer shoes are recommended, they are not required. Turf shoes are acceptable, and baseball cleats are permitted provided the toe cleat is removed. No studded or spiked soccer shoes will be worn. The referee and coaches should inspect each player's shoes prior to the game.


It is often helpful, though not required for goalkeepers to wear keeper gloves. These help protect the hands and usually makes a slippery ball easier to handle. Field players may also elect to wear regular or field gloves on cold days.

Please Note: NO baseball caps or visors are permitted.  Winter hats (commonly called "ski" hats or "woolies")  or soft, flat ear/head band warmers are fine in cold/rainy weather.    Jewelry is also not permitted.  It can cause an injury to the player or to others.   "Stud" earrings from recent piercings must be taped with medical tape if they need to be left in.  These things will be looked for by referees.  We care about the safety of the children and don't want to see any of them hurt by something that could have been avoided. 

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