The Game

The duration of each game is broken down per age group as follows:

Ages 5-7      4, 10 minute quarters

Ages 8-9      4, 12 minute quarters

Ages 10-14  2, 25 minute halves

Each game will have 2 minute breaks between quarters and a 5 minute break between halves, except the large field which will have 10 minutes between halves.

Start of Play

When starting a game, or after a goal has been scored, the ball is to be placed in the center of the field. Only the team starting the ball may have (no more than) 2 players inside the center circle. The ball must be kicked forward over the center line and must be touched by another player of either team before the first player may touch it again.  The first team to have possession of a ball in a game is determined by mutual agreement or by coin toss. Possession alternates between teams per quarter or half. After a goal is scored, the opposing team takes possession at the center line to restart the play.

Ball out of Play

A ball is out of play when it completely crosses a touchline or goal line, or when play is stopped by the referee.

Goal Scoring

A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses the goal line between the goal posts and under the crossbar. If the ball touches a keeper before passing into the goal, the goal will be considered "good". If a keeper has a ball in hand and steps back over the goal line with the ball a goal will be awarded. The ball must completely cross the goal line. A goal inadvertantly scored by the team defending its goal will be considered an "own goal" and the point awarded to the attacking team.

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