MGSL Rules of the Game Summary

The following pages contain a basic outline of youth soccer rules. It is meant to be a resource for Mt. Gilead coaches, but is not intended to be an official discourse on the sport.

The Ball

The official size ball for each age group is as follows:

Ages 5-7      Size 3

Ages 8-10      Size 4

Ages 11+     Size 5

Team Groupings

Ages 5-7      Small Field

Ages 8-10      Middle Field

Ages 11-14  Large Field

Number of Players

While soccer is generally played with 10 field positions and 1 goalkeeper, occasionally the coaches of each team may mutually agree to only play with 9 or 10 (including keeper). (Ex. Absenteeism of players)

The coaches should inform the referee before the start of the game if this is the case. If players arrive late for a game, and the coaches agree to add to the number on the field, they may do so, but must wait until the end of a quarter or half, and must inform the referee. No more than 11 players per team, including keeper, may be on the field at a time.


Each player should play a minimum of half a match if he meets practice requirements to the coach's satisfaction. It is recommended that the goalkeeper be given equal time in a game as both keeper and field player, unless otherwise agreed upon between the coach, player, and parent.

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